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From my younger age, I’ve seen my parents, relatives, and everyone around me eating a lot of products that are made out of Barley, such as Barley Tea, Barley Porridge, and Tsampa, etc.

Especially Tsampa is an essential part of everyday breakfast in our Tibetan community. Tsampa is made out of Barley, and it is one of the prominent food in Tibetan and many Himalayan households.

The product that we made and we intend to make in future has strong inspiration from the lifestyle of Tibetan and Himalayan Nomad living in the highest plateau of the world. As a nomad living in highland, they are bound to face harsh weather, oxygen scarcity and you need to keep moving for better shelters for every new season, so the food they consume also has to be according to their environment needs, food such as Tsampa, barleyporridge, dried cheese, barley tea etc. play important role, these foods are not just instant but also highly nutritious and adaptable to harsh environment.  Since the concept of Tibetan healthy foods is not much introduced in the market, I feel the need for such space to help and empower the health of others.

So, I decided to work hard through the years to convert this idea into a reality along with the support of my wife and parents. And today we are proud to introduce and share the healthy superfoods of Tibet with you.

We believe in carrying Tibetfoods in a sustainable way by creating business opportunities for the farmers and share the products that have long term health benefits for consumers and create employment opportunities among the local women and in Tibetan community in Exile.

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