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Highland Barley or Tibet/Himalayan barley is one of the important grain which cultivated in the Highland of Tibet and other highland areas in Himalayan regions.

Barley itself is amazing crop, it can be grows in any extreme climate.

Tibet being on the roof of world with the harsh enviroment and majority of population with nomadic lifestyle, the food they consume have to be adjustable to the geo location and the nomadic lifestyle, Barley is the kind of a crop that grows well in highest pleateau in the world.

Highland Barley, which is part of Tibetan lifestyle and tradition  for more than 1000 years.  Tsampa, is the staple food of Tibet and it is made out of barley, there are many other products, which is produced from Highland barley such as Barley Wine, Barley porridge, Barley Tea and many more.

The taste and qulaity of Barley that grows in the highland significantly better than many that grows in Lower land.

Barley is rich in nutritional value and plays an outstanding role in medicine and health care

As we sourced that, Highland barley is rich in protein, β-glucan, flavonoids, tocopherol (VE), various amino acids and trace elements. Highland barley also contains high dietary fiber, abundant vitamins, low fat and low sugar. Due to long-term consumption of highland barley, the prevalence of those diseases related to high blood sugar and high blood lipids is very low among Tibetan  and many in the highland Himalayan regions.

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