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Tsampa Porridge 

This super easy recipe is for people on rush, its one of the earliest fastfood in mountians.

It’s one of the basic recipe made out of Tsampa and  we are sharing this simple and easy recipe of Tsampa porridge


  • 30 gms of Tsampa
  • 1 tablespoons of dry Cheese (Tibetan Style dry Cheese)Optional
  • 6 gms of Butter
  • 2 gms of sugar/any sweetner (Optional)
  • 1/3 cup of  Tibetan butter tea/ green tea/hotwater



In 40 gms of Tsampa, add 6 gm of butter, 2gm of sugar , 1 tablespoon of drycheese  and add 1/3 cup of butter tea, green tea or hotwater.



Mix all the ingredients togather, and you are ready to eat.

Tsampa Porridge is wonderful option for your breakfast, though it can be enjoy through out the day.

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