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About Tibet Foods


From my younger age, I’ve seen my parent, relatives and everyone around me eating lots of products that are made out of Barley, such as barley tea,barley porridge, Tsampa etc. Especially Tsampa, which is an essential part of everyday breakfast in Tibetan community…

Our Products

Why Choose Tibet Foods

Our products are 100 % natural and the 95% products ingredients are collected within Himalayan regions.

The product that we produce is strongly rooted with Tibetan tradition, our product such as Tsampa is part of Tibetan culture for more than 1000 years. All our other produce will have connection with Tibetan Culture and tradition.

At Tibetfoods, we believe in carrying our task in an ecosystem which balances the environment, benefits the local farmers and local producers by practising fair trade and creating employment opportunities, especially among the local women and in Tibetan exile communities.


All our products are carefully handcrafted and every process pass through several quality check. We make sure that our customer have good quality and products that is rich in
taste and feel healthy after consuming.

At Tibetfoods, we aims to share the secret of Tibetan and Himalayan super foods, which Are easy to eat and high in nutrition value.

Tibet foods create and innovate the traditional super healthy foods of Tibetan and aims to make it available in the larger market.


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